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    Radziszewski Kacper


    As I can see the competition is already over, but still we would like to share our project which integrates BIM (building information modelling) an architectural design methodology with Emotiv EpocX.

    We have used the emotiv API and a python algorith, to send the data as commands to Revit software. Push, pull and hold commands are transformed into the number of levels of a building, a simple addition or subtraction of its number.

    After several training sessions we were able to reach a series of more than 10 commands which were executed flawslessly. The video is in Polish, but there are commands spoken “pull”, “push”, “hold” by the user, as a proof. The algorithm itself had response time between the data collected and the execution in a third party software of less than 1 sec, which made it work realtime.

    We are working on more another project for city analysis with emotiv and metrics recording which will be aided by camera caputure and machine learning vision analysys in the future, so if you are intrested you can find us at:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)