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    Welcome to EMOTIV Forum! A place where we can share and discuss about all things EMOTIV.

    Let everyone get to know you with a brief introduction about yourself. Here are a few questions you could answer:

    • What do you do?
    • What products do you use?
    • What do you use them for?
    • What projects are you working on?



    Good to know

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    Carrasco Sebastián Acevedo

    Hi, nice to have a forum !

    Im a computer science engineer i have a insight model and im making some personal investigations on brain and consciousness, im staturng making setting up the development environment on linux and windows hope can find some help here and in the future maybe i can help to

    Cui Hong


    I am a user experience researcher. I just started to set up an Insight model to study users’ cognitive load when using a research software application.

    I’ve read through the manual but didn’t find much information on how to collect data using an external device or the USB drive that came with the package. Any information on this will be appreciated.

    Cui Hong

    Hi Carrasco, were you able to connect the Insight via the USB dongle on a windows computer?

    Nguyen Tu Tuan

    Hi Cui Hong,

    Are you encountering any issues while connecting your Insight headset? If you do, please refer to this instruction to see if it works:

    If the issue persists, please contact us here, our team will advise further accordingly.

    Feraco Fred



    I teach science research in a High School and have students creating different long term studies.


    Hello everyone, I am looking forward to make some experiments for neuromarketing. If there is anybody who interests that please content with me.

    Brown Regina M

    Hi, I’m Regina

    I’m using the Emotiv Pro software and the EPOC + for ERP for my dissertation research in the social sciences. I’m looking to see the effects of socially acceptable words on the unconscious stress response. I’ll soon be in data collection mode and would love help from an experienced QEEG analyst. If there is any interest from folks in this forum, please connect with me!

    I’m glad we have a way to communicate.

    Ramos Anna Liza Aranaydo

    May I know the performance of Emotiv EpocX?  I am going to use this product for my dissertation collecting data on attention, emotion and cognition. I hope the product would help collect the data.

    luckham jerill

    Hello Anna,

    Thank you for your question.

    Please check the comparison chart for EMOTIV Headset to get an overview of the features and specs of EPOC X -

    The accuracy of our technology has been validated by independent studies many times over. The following graphs show an independent comparison of a clinical grade system alongside the EMOTIV EPOC+ in an N100 auditory evoked potential study. Click here – to access the journal paper by Badcock et al., PeerJ, 2013.

    To view and record brain data, you need to pair the EEG headset with the licensed software. our integrated EEG recording & analysis software allowing:
    – Measure and record your brain activity in real-time including raw EEG, and our machine learning algorithms identifying your brain’s Performance Metrics.
    – Store data securely: Store, share and analyze EEG data anywhere by saving it to our secured cloud. We fully comply with GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and use industry-standard encryption to ensure the privacy of your data.
    – Mark events: Define and insert timed markers into the data stream.
    – Analyze data better: Customize and view frequency data with automatic FFT and power band graphs.

    If you have other questions, please let us know.

    Soto Vicente

    Hi I’m Vicente;

    I’m a researcher at the Center for Social and Cognitive Neuroscience (CSCN), I’m just starting to use a 32 channel Flex gel system in tandem with mobile eye-trackers to study visual processing in clinical populations. I’ve done similar things in the past with “research grade” systems (as in here) and am now looking to employ a similar approach with a less obtrusive and, comparatively, inexpensive set-up.

    I’m happy to know there is a community to relay on as I have yet to setup the Emotiv system!






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