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    I teach 10-12 year old kids in an elementary school in Australia. In my classes we have:

    Made an app for Subway using a program that does not require coding
    Programmed drones via Blockly
    Key-mapped body constraints detected by a Kinect to control our programmed drones
    Key-mapped voice commands to control our programmed drone.

    I am now looking into BCI devices and have the potential to purchase an Emotiv Insight to see if we can then fly the drones using our brain/thoughts/commands. I have already set up an account and downloaded the Basic API.

    My research on what I need to do is contained below but I need to verify if I am correct before purchasing an Emotiv Insight.

    Is this correct?

    Buy the headset, connect and set it up.
    Download EmotivPro Lite ( – Limit: No data import / export
    Use the free EmotivBCI ( to train commands (personal and guest user).

    Then, if we have the Emotiv Pro Lite license, can we:

    4. Install EmotivBCI Node Red Toolbox ( – install Node.js LTS 8.x and requires BCI API Developer License (free) to access Dev Kits. I registered @ and it sent me to the Emotiv Installer (Emotiv-Installer-v2.7.3-x64).
    or does the Emotive Pro Lite license render no data being able to sent to Node Red?

    5. Potentially visit:

    Keymapping a keystroke @ and to potentially map a mental command to control a keyboard button (e.g. W,, A, S, D, up arrow, spacebar, left arrow, right arrow)

    If payment is needed to keymap, then instead:

    6. Install EmotivBCI OSC ( – Paid $US99 per year) to send those commands to a third party application (e.g. Python, Raspberry Pi) and use Node.js to key map commands?


    7. Install BrainViz ( – Paid $US99 one time payment ) to see the brain mapping (nothing to do with keymapping but for a learning activity).


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