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    Carrasco Sebastián Acevedo

    Hi, my device work well on windows but my develop environment is linux so im intalling the .deb package…

    After install i have the message , cant find


    Im using ubuntu 20.10 and a Plasma KDE, do you have some specifications to work or a success environment?

    Nguyen Tu Tuan

    Hi Carrasco,

    The correct file name is: /usr/local/emotivapps/bin/EMOTIV App

    Kindly find “EMOTIV App” again let me know if it works.

    Carrasco Sebastián Acevedo

    I , thanks, i dont know wy my other reply doesnt show but i thinks is because im adding some screenshot of the solution.\

    I change “/usr/local/emotivapps/bin/EMOTIV\App” to “/usr/local/emotivapps/bin/EMOTIV\ App” there is a missing space you can find this onde KDE plasma menu , find emotive and click on the icon “edit application” the open a menu and select Application on the tab and change the “Order” to the good one /usr/local/emotivapps/bin/EMOTIV\ App

    Best Regards

    And my name is <b>Sebastián</b> … maybe later we can fix , idon have problems with the names!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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