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    Thiagarajan Tara

    We have 2 Emotiv EPOC+ devices and are having trouble in getting them to work and record EEG signals. We are using the devices in the U. Khartoum, Sudan. Due to political turmoil in the country, we could not use the devices for over a year. On resumption, we were unable to get the devices to work. We would really appreciate it, if you could suggest any workaround and get the recordings going.


    Here are the guidelines we followed

    1. Ensure battery is fully charged
    2. Add sufficient amount of saline (0.9% saline) that electrodes feel wet
    3. Ensure the ground electrodes touch the mastoid
    4. License are active
    5. Uninstalled and reinstalled the apps.

    The screens on EPOC+ look as shown below. The device seems to be connected, however we are not able to sustain a connection to the electrodes. Our licenses are active. The hardware itself is well maintained with minimal wear and tear.

    Screen grabs of EPOC+ software

    Thiagarajan Tara
    luckham jerill

    Hello Tara,

    Thank you for reaching EMOTIV.

    May I know when the last time you used the headset? Also, I don’t see the felt pads on the electrodes ( to hydrate with saline solution.

    If it has been awhile since you have used the headset, take pads and roll them firmly between your thumb and finger a few times to loosen up the weave. You can then soak them in the saline mixture for a few minutes before returning them to the sensor housings. After that process, they should get good data immediately. This should only be required for the first one or two uses, after that they should have loosened up. The sensors need to be fully saturated in the saline solution and when they are new, it takes a lot of solution to fully saturate them.

    You can also try cleaning the electrode plates. Please follow the steps from this article –

    Please upgrade to the latest version of EmotivPRO as well. We have v2.7.1 available.

    Please try these tips and keep us updated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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